Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oury pleads guilty

Where does that leave Joe? His co-defendant just flipped on him. Is he going to go through with the farce of a trial or is he going to make a deal?


Monday, September 28, 2009

Hackensack Medical Center

is laying off employees but can absorb the cost of Hackensack ambulance service. Don't you want to know what the City had to give up to get them agree to increase the dollar amount for our "free" ambulance service?


Friday, September 25, 2009

There aren't enough police for 1st Ward



because they are all in court fighting amongst themselves. Besides these cases, there are administrative hearings and civil (federal & superior) cases. Responsibility goes up the chain. Someone has to be held accountable for all of this discord and the expense.

Enough is Enough! The citizens of Hackensack deserve better. Maybe we should have a group march in the Columbus Day parade or get a booth at the street festival to let the public know what is going on and that we are fed up. This is ridiculous!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Johnson Park Research

Does anybody have the following information?

1. Are any descendants of the Johnson Family still in Hackensack or nearby?

2. Where can the Superior Court decision (not Appellate) regarding the use of the park be found?

Just leave a comment with any information you may have.


Monday, September 21, 2009

NJ Office of State Comptroller

If you are aware of waste or mismanagement at any level of New Jersey government, they want to hear from you.



Saturday, September 19, 2009

Administrative Hearing


People who were there say it was an eye-opener to many who had no idea how disfunctional the police department is and at times it was entertaining.

Friday, September 18, 2009

HPD in court

Sgt Trezza is accused of harassment for threatening another officer.


Officer Viola is found not guilty of driving charges


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Again HPD in the news?

It would be nice to see some GOOD news about our police department once in a while instead of as part of some lawsuit or potential "scandal".

"Aloia attributed another receipt for $210 to a meeting with the Hackensack Police Department." What kind of meeting would require a bill of $210? With who? Where?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9/15/09 Council Meeting

Nice swearing in ceremony for firefighters. It gave a rare feeling of pride at a council meeting.
Recognition was also given to the doctor who gave CPR to man who was electrocuted and to Census 2010 workers.

Actual business was pretty mundane - but long

City Manager's Report
Anderson Street - will remain closed for 3-4 more weeks. Emergency bids were too high, so work is going through regular bid process, on an accelerated schedule. It seemed that Montana was doing a good job there. We'll see who gets the contract.
First Ward Town Hall Meeting - scheduled for September 23 @ 7pm - M&M Building. City departments will be there to discuss area issues. It will be posted on City website. (same night as next zoning meeting for LTACH??)
Reorganization of Staff - there has been some moving around in City Hall. The City Clerk is now on the 3rd floor. An employee has been reassigned to answer phones, be receptionist and assist City Manager.

Final Adoption of Ordinances 22-2009 thru 25-2009
Three are parking - Hudson, Meadow, Clinton & Maple
Fourth is Contractual Salary Ordinance

To be voted on and open for public discussion on 10/6 for the following
26-2009 increase number of H-COPS to 220
27-2009 Bond Ordinance for storm & sanitary sewer repairs $598,500 bonds or notes
28-2009 Bond Ordinance for play gym and spray fountain 2nd Ward (Hillers) Park $214,435
29-2009 Elm change to one way street from Pine to Grand
30-2009 Building Dept Fee Schedule
31-2009 No trucks over 4 tons Railroad between Passaic & Anderson (didn't know Railroad ran past Passaic)
32-2009 One hour parking on Hudson from Kansas to E Lafayette (both sides)
33-2009 30 min parking on Linden East side from Anderson to Maple
34-2009 lease 120 parking spaces from HUMC for $1/year for 99 years

The only other items of interest were "First Amendment to Memorandum of Agreement" with HUMC to be signed (renegotiation of cap?) and Cafe Arabica was permitted to re-open under certain terms and conditions as specified in a written agreement.

There were very few public comments and most questions were answered after the citizen had spoken. Basically the public was told that the salary increases were about 3%, City does not pay for gas, food or parking for attendance at League of Municipalities, details of Cafe Arabica "agreement" could not be discussed because there might be litigation, Johnson Park use under Green Acres is still being looked into, parking meters near unemployment office charge .25 for 1/2 hour while on Main you get a full hour (City Manager was asked to look into this by Mayor) and that a citizen had a complaint about the postings on nj.com - especially those of one particular party.

Finally, Councilman Labrosse asked that the Mayor reconsider his new rules for public comment. Thank you Mr. Labrosse.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Council Meetings

Try to get out and be heard - even if they won't answer

Tonight is Committee of the Whole
Tomorrow is Council Meeting @ 7:00

October Schedule
5th - COW
6th - Council
19th - COW
20th - Council

Saturday, September 12, 2009

more interesting stuff

Ordinance 9-5

At the meeting of the City Council at which the City Manager makes his report as aforesaid, the employee mentioned in such report may, within the discretion of the Council, be heard; provided, however, that said employee has filed with the City Clerk at least two days prior to such Council meeting a written request setting forth the reasons for such hearing. If such a hearing is allowed to any such employee, then the City Council may permit the taking of additional proof which was not available at the time of the trial or was offered and refused by the City Manager, if in the opinion of the City Council such proof is of sufficient importance.

City Manager

Is there any truth to the rumor that he was asked to resign? Is he leaving? Only the Mayor & Council have to the power to fire him. But someone else could be unhappy with his job performance (especially this week) and could have told him to hit the road.

Any info?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is interesting

Has anyone ever seen Ordinance 32-20"P" happen during the day?
It says Chief "shall tour the City at least twice a week, during the day in uniform and in civilian dress at night" - shall is not optional.

Go to City link on right---->

Click "City Codes" near bottom of blue menu bar

Click view the City's Code
new window will open

Enter 32-20 under Section Number

Doesn't look good that from the top Ordinances are not followed.

And how come it only goes to "Y"? There is no "Z" in Chief of Police duties?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Does this sound "fair" to you?

One party in a contested matter requests a court reporter - request denied. Later the other party (the one who brought the charges) requests a court reporter and the proceedings are stopped because of this request. They will be rescheduled, with a court reporter I'm sure. But it seems that the first request for a court reporter should have been granted. Saying no to one and then yes to the other seems like favoritism - not an impartial hearing.

What do you think?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

city attorney

seems to have a little "insurance" to pad his paycheck. What the heck is this about?

Anyone know why he is getting paid by Bergen Risk?


NJ Pay-to-Play Information Total $365,308

Borough of Paramus 12/31/2008 $3,025 Legal services

Borough of Paramus c/o Bergen Risk 12/31/2008 $39,360 Legal services

City of Hackensack c/o Bergen Risk 12/31/2008 $1,900 Legal services

City Clerk, City of Hackensack 12/31/2008 $266,643 Legal services

City of Hackensack c/o Bergen Risk 12/31/2008 $51,668 Legal services

South Bergen JIF Bergen Risk Managers 12/31/2008 $2,711 Legal services

Tax Abatements

Friends and contributors are not getting favorable tax adjustments in Hackensack, are they?


Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009


You can rate your public officials


but you do have to give email address and register

Coniglio's only one who was wrong?


It makes no sense. Only one hospital employee got immunity. Was he the only other person besides Coniglio who was involved in this? To reward Schrieks, the person who did most of the work setting things up, with another public job is just wrong. He obviously knew what was going on too. He didn't get immunity - but he seems to have some kind of "protection".

Thursday, September 3, 2009

1st Ward Block Watch

Anybody know how the meeting went tonight? I understand HPD biggie was going to show. Also heard that the "smart" car was going to be used there. Like they won't see that coming and be able to outrun it.

can anyone find the photo?

photo does not appear
I'd like to see it


ACLU joins lawsuit over city EMS records


"He said that, as part of the negotiations, the hospital has agreed not to bill the city for any costs that exceed the cap this year."

Negotiations are give and take. Hospital gave this, what did they take?

More BS from City Manager. The number was not a good one. He did not want anyone to know that. Now he wants to look like a "hero" because he "renegotiated" - would really like to know what that cost us this time. If he had done it right the first time, this would not have been necessary. What a waste! Don't they realize that if they hadn't whored themselves out to HUMC at the cost of EMT jobs they would not be under such scrutiny now?

Thanks for stepping up Patrick Finely.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Margulies - today's Record

9/1 council meeting

Last night's meeting was a farce - more so than usual.

First issue - City Manager's report on EMS cap with HUMC. The number he got in July was not favorable (I know, we are all shocked). The projected amount for the year would be $30k+ over the $140k cap. Seems that when they came up with the magic number of $140k, they forgot to include mutual aid calls. So, HUMC went on more calls than EMTs had. He somehow managed to "renegotiate" the cap figure. He says, and we shall see, that whatever the actual amount is (possibly $175k) for this year, will be the "new cap" for next year. We will pay nothing for this service for this year. What has yet to be disclosed is what the City had to give up to get that. Was is the "air rights" lease for the walkways? That is supposed to be $250k per year. When this new contract is finalized we have to get a copy of it.

Second issue - Mayor Townes "new rules"
1. No comments from the audience - if you are not at the podium you are to act as if you are in church. If you utter a sound more than once, you will be escorted out of the room by the police.
2. During your 5 minutes of public comment the City Manager and Council are not going to answer any questions. If you are lucky, they will answer them after your 5 minutes alloted time.
3. After the meeting the Mayor told a group of citizens that they should submit their questions a week in advance if they wanted to get an answer at the council meeting.

Next council meeting is 9/15 - more people have to come out and speak up.